Frustrated and a cake to bake to!!!

21 Jan

Hello all,

My husband is in the hospital for colitis, he’s doing ok.  He’s cranky why do men act like babies when there sick??? We women are expected to still cook, clean and take care of the kids when were sick. I don’t have kids so nothing to do there, unless if you count pets then we have a 9-year-old lab named Casper, a 4-year-old cat named Minnie, and a 12-year-old cat named Chester. I love them all to death including my husband even when he’s cranky.  Lord please give me patience, I really need it right now. I’m doing ok still very tired from everything the last several days. See I have been sick with something as well, I think it’s mostly side affects from all the meds. the Dr. has me on for my disease. I do have a cake delivery to make tomorrow, it’s for hospice. I did get the cake bake this morning despite all the phone calls to the hospital and family.  Well that’s all for now…

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