22 Jan


My husband still isn’t home from the hospital. The Dr. here are crappy and just take their sweet time doing rounds, I guess I just don’t understand what the problem is!!! I know I should be thankful for what we have, we have it better than most people. It’s just been a frustrating day and I’m sleep deprived. Haven’t had much sleep all week, I think it side effects from some of my meds.  I going to contact me Dr. Monday and see what we can do. I also need to see my counseler I think that will help, she advised me one time that I needed to just write thing’s down. Said it would help, I hope this does, cause I really need it.

 I came home from the hospital to get a few thing’s done and my day hasn’t been much better.  One letter came with postage due, thanks a lot to who sent that one!!! I spilled some yogurt from the fringe and that’s when I let loose and started crying, not just tears but heaving sobs. I still feel like throwing up.

And yes can you believe it, I do have a cake to make this weekend!! It’s a VA cake and he wants german chocolate. He likes the outdoors and fishing they said. It’s a good thing I have something else to focus on, otherwise I’d go crazy.  I’m looking forward to just being in the kitchen and baking and creating something. I won’t be able to cook much,my husband can’t eat hardly anything for a while. I’m going to try to post some recipes here, just some of my favorite’s and ones that have won me awards in the fairs. Well that’s all for now, I might write more later….

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