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Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

Hello everyone,

I wanted to post my comment’s about some of the recipes Ray and I tried in the March issue. The first recipes I made we on pages 66 and 67. Sunny Anderson’s and Tedd Allen’s omelet’s. I have already talked about them is an earlier post so I won’t say much more about them. All I will say is that Ted’s tasted better, but the ingredient’s were a lot more pricey and harder to find than Sunny’s.  The next recipe is on page 68 the Almost Famous Maple-Butter Blondies, they were great!! We took then to a church group and they inhaled them! This one is going to stay in my recipe box to make again!  The next recipe we tried is on page 71, Jacob’s Braised Orange Brisket. I made it on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago, and my husband loved it, even though it had a little heat to it, which surprised me!!  The next recipe is on page 88 the Egg Foo Yong, now this one was really good! My husband asked to make it again, he loves anything with eggs. I did add some fresh parsley to the mushroom gravy, it added a really good fresh taste to the gravy.  The next recipe we tried is on page 89, the Garlic-Roasted Chicken. I loved this, and Ray couldn’t believe it had so much garlic in it. The garlic flavor mellowed out after the long cooking time. I loved smearing the soft garlic on the toasted sourdough bread, yummy!!!  The next recipe we tried is on page 90, the Chicken Korma. Now this recipe I changed a little, I knew my husband wouldn’t be able to take the heat very well so I added an 8oz. package of sliced mushrooms along withe meat mixture. I also didn’t use ground chicken I had some ground turkey so I used it instead.  I also used sour cream instead of the yogurt, as I didn’t have any yogurt. I don’t like going to the store for just 1 or 2 thing’s. We live over 5 miles from Wal-Mart and even further away from other stores, so I try to keep stock of what we have and combine trips. Like if I have a Dr. appt or cake delivery, I’ll go to the store also. Ok the next recipe I tried is on page 95 the Lemon Bars, and they were the best lemon bars I have ever made and tasted. I gave some to my mom and Ray took some to work. This is another recipe to keep close by!!! The next recipe we tried is on page 105, ok I have never made a mole sauce before, and I didn’t like this at all! We liked the cucumber’s with the peanuts, and I used English cucumber’s instead. We don’t have Kirby cucumber’s here this time of year, to early for them. It just snowed the other day, it didn’t stay just melted away…    The rice was really good, I just don’t understand what the sauce was supposed to taste like, I followed the recipe! It was to thick and the spice mixture wasn’t good at all. It looks better in the picture than it tasted. I might try that mole sauce that the lady on Ultimate Recipe Showdown made and won,  Julie Merriman is her name!! Since it won the show it might be worth trying out, we’ll see!! The last recipe we tried is on page 136 the Green Apple-Sourdough Pancakes, and they were very good. Just really watch them as they can burn very easy! Well that was all the recipes we tried. The next magazine didn’t have as many recipes I wanted to try, we’ll see what I decide to do.

I did get my 2 cakes done and delivered to the nursing home, one was on Thursday the other on Friday. The cake on Friday was for a diabetic lady and I’m not sure if they liked it. I have a dessert book for sugar-free cakes, ect… It was a chocolate cake layered with SF vanilla pudding and a  SF chocolate topping, now I did taste the topping and it was very good. I still have some in the refrigerator. I hope I hear something from them and let me know how it tasted. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that is was too soft to do any decorating with, that really bummed me out!!! I did use some frosting from a tube that I had (it wasn’t SF sadly, it was all I had around) and wrote Happy Birthday on it.  I have 2 cakes to deliver on Monday, I didn’t know it was the day after Easter when I signed up for them. One is for another nursing home and the other is for the VA. The one for the nursing home is a small 6-inch cake, that’s the size they wanted them to be. The VA cake is chocolate and I baked it in my football pan, since he likes BSU Broncos football. 

 I also made some Easter cupcakes and delivered them to my husband’s work about 12pm. He said by 4pm they were all gone!!! I made and decorated 50 cupcakes Thursday night. I made lemon and strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Then I colored some coconut green and put marshmallow bunnies, chicks and jelly beans on them. I was surprised they were gone so fast!! 

Well that’s all for now I have been really tired the last couple of days and have been sleeping a lot. I need to go and make some pies for Easter dinner tomorrow, were going to my grandmother’s house. We not going to church, I some more shingles popping up on my belly and legs. It’s just to painful to sit for to long in one place. At home I just were my nightgowns, I know I sound lazy, but if you have ever had shingles you would understand what I’m talking about. The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston is on now, I love that movie!! If you haven’t seen it you should, its one of the best movies ever made! Ok I’m going for now. I hope everyone has a Blessed and wonderful Easter!!!

Amanda 🙂