April Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

01 May

Hello Everyone,

Well May is here and the year is almost half over, time is marching on. It all goes to fast for me, I will be 35 on June 30th, I can’t hardly believe it. I wanted to comment on some recipes I made from the April issue of the Food Network magazine. I didn’t make as many as I wanted to. I have had a couple of infections I can’t seem to get rid of…  Ok lets start the review’s…

Let’s start with page 66 the Bang Bang Shrimp. I wasn’t impressed with this recipe, I didn’t like the sauce at all. The shrimp were good, my husband really liked this, he love’s seafood. It wasn’t to expensive I bought some frozen uncooked shrimp, for 1-1/2 pounds it was $9 dollars! I would make the shrimp again for my husband, but not for myself… The next recipe is on page 82, I made the Beer-Braised Chicken,  we loved this recipe, it is going in my recipe box to make again! I bought brown ale from the UK and the ale was really good! Very yummy recipe!!! The next recipe is on page 85, I made the Jerk Turkey Burgers with Mango Slaw. This was really good also! I had some mango chipotle salsa I used that in the slaw instead of buying mangos, it tasted really good! I also used whole wheat soft buns that made this turkey burger recipe a keeper! The next recipe we tried is on page 107 the Noodle Kugel, I only made half a recipe. If I had made the whole thing it would have been too much food for us. I also left out the orange zest and cinnamon and kept it a savory dish instead.  I wasn’t to crazy about it, it was just ok… The next recipe we tried is on page 109,  we both didn’t like this one. Ray said it was to hot and I didn’t care for the mix of the all the different cheese’s. I was looking forward to making this one, when I saw the young lady (Emily Hobbs) make it on Ultimate Recipe Showdown. What a disappointment this recipe was, I guess we just didn’t like the mix of flavors in this recipe. I won’t be making this one again… Sorry Food Network and Emily Hobbs, I think you both could do better next time…  The next recipe I made is on page 129 the Humming Bird cake. Ray took this one to work for an office potluck they had, and it was a huge hit! I had run out of vegetable oil the day before, I know what a tragedy in my house!! lol…  I used melted unsalted butter instead, and used my own cream cheese icing not the one with the recipe.  Very yummy cake!!! The next recipe I made is on page 70, sorry I almost skipped this one! lol!! It’ the Tea Cakes with Earl Grey icing. The cupcakes tasted like brownies, I didn’t make them in my mini pans, because I didn’t have cupcake papers for them. I was able to get 20 standard size cupcakes instead. I will make these again, with the mini pan instead, they are very rich cupcakes. I haven’t made the icing yet, I will later today, like I said before I have been fighting 2 infections and just haven’t felt to well. Well enough for now, I have picked a few recipes from the May issue so look for my next review on May 31st. Until another day everyone… Amanda 🙂


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