Busy Week OH MY!!!

07 Jun

Hello Everyone,

I have a busy week, I have 4 Angel Cakes this week plus this Friday I’m baking at the Ronald McDonald house.  I baked a german chocolate cake for a foster girl who’s turning 17 this week. It’s sad that she will age out of the system next year and hasn’t been adopted. I don’t really know much about her situation, but my parents had foster kids since I was 9 years old. We had so many that had a lot of problems and some ended up in a special home where they were more supervised. A lot of then had hard lives and we haven’t heard from to many, it would be nice to know where some of them are now and how they are doing. 2 of my cakes need to be delivered on Thursday and one is for a vet and the other is for another foster child that will be turning 11. He lives with my dad and step-mom, they are have been foster parent’s for a couple of years. My last one is on Friday for a mentally challenge adult. I know what your thinking why do I have so many, well it was by accident and we have some many cakes this month! We have 6 new bakes that joined us in the last couple of months, a couple of then are taking cakes but some of the bakers don’t take any, even the ones that have been so-called with Angel Cakes for a while. This frustrates me, why do they volunteer but don’t bake??? It just makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s the idea that well I have baked for a charity, or perhaps it’s family or money problems I don’t know… I need to be more patience with all of it, the withdrawal from the steroids has me more emotional, plus some huge family problems haven’t been resolved yet. I just need to give it time I guess… I won’t be baking next month expect maybe for Ronald McDonald house. I have the fair to get ready for and I won’t be doing any baking for the fair just getting my display done.

I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe today, just haven’t felt like cooking much I have been testing recipes for Relish magazine. They saw my blog and asked if I would join there group of recipes testers. I have made several of them so far.

 I am feeling a bit down my husband will be in San Diego for 4 days this week. I’m going to really miss him. I can’t travel for a while because of the leg clots that are hopefully still breaking up.

Well until next time everyone…

Amanda 🙂

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