Almost Fair Time!!!

24 Jul

Hello everyone,

Yep it’s almost time for the fair, it’s just 4 days away. I still need to get my display done. I’m hoping to get it done by Sunday night. I just have been dragging myself around feeling slow… I’m not to crazy about the theme this year it’s called Wheeling & Squealing and it has pigs on the cover. You see I’m kinda dreading this year, I have gained weight from the steroids I was on for almost a year, and I am about 20 pounds heavier than I was last year. I did see my counselor about all this, to talk about how I felt. I’m dreading people will make rude comments to me, I have had some in the past. Plus as most of you may know I was teased constantly growing up, from kids in school, from my family,  and from the foster kids we had living with us. Over time it has left me with some pretty deep wounds that I am still trying to heal from.. My husband said I was worrying too much, but then he said he was sorry cause he didn’t have all the teasing like I did growing up… 

I dropped out of 7th grade because of it. Then these 4 girls, whom I’ll refer to as “The Plastics” in school spread a rumor around that I was pregnet and would sleep with any gross boy around… Yeah it was bad.. It was all untrue, my parents did call one of the mothers of the girl who started this and made her say she was sorry, so I did get some kind of apology, but it still affected me. I thought what difference does it make to these 4 girls why I left and why were they so cruel??? A couple of years ago at the fair, I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with me for my lunch. I was eating on half of it and some rude guy yelled OHH eating up all the entries!!! I said no I brought this from home, and he said sure yeah right!!!  I thought how rude some people can be, and what the hell difference does it make to them what I’m eating??? Well I’ll just have to see how it works out this year… I’ll let ya all know later…


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