04 Aug

Hello everyone,

I’m glad the fair is over for another year. It was a good year for the fair, their numbers were up. It seemed to me like a lot of people came through. The hoopla over that black and white cake lasted all through the fair and after. We were told by the decorator that she was sending someone to pick the cake up on Monday, but it got to be 6:45pm and no one showed up. So my clever husband looked up the last name on his blackberry and we found it after calling 3 different people!! The person I talked to was very nice and asked how she placed, and I told them 4th and she won the people’s choice award on Saturday. Which I thought was great, because it was a beautiful cake it just did have everything made on the cake. The judges deduct points for that. The person said they would call her and find out if they were coming if they didn’t they would come and get it. Well 5  minutes later the cake decorator herself called me all hysterical, don’t throw away my cake!!! I don’t see what the problem here is I told the lady ( my supervisor) that I would send someone Monday but I had a small stroke (heat stroke) and I can’t pick up the cake what are your hours in the office and so on.  I couldn’t get in a word hardly at all, she was so pissy. I know from experience what it’s like to be sick, and I try not to treat people that way. She also hung up on me when I tried to tell her she won the people’s choice award, she was flat-out rude!!! I hope she doesn’t enter next year, it wouldn’t hurt my feeling’s at all!!!

 In case you’re wondering yes I’m pissed off right now, some other family member is being an asshole and right now I want nothing to do with them. I know I need to forgive but that’s too much to ask of me right now.

Sorry no recipes for a while, I just have been to tired from all the fair stuff and other stuff. I hope everyone out there in cyberspace is having a better day than I am…


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