State Fair

22 Aug

Hello everyone,

As some of you may already know I did pretty well in the state fair. I won Best In Show for my chocolate drop cookies. There are 12 categories for the drop cookies, and there were A LOT of cookies entered. I won a lot of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in my yeast breads, quick breads and muffins. I also won the Idaho Wheat Growers award that’s $50!!! They only gave out 2 of those award’s!! I’ll try to post my winning chocolate cookie recipe in the next couple of days.  At first when I got to the fair I didn’t think I won anything. Several years ago I won the Sweepstakes award 4 times in a row. How you win this award depends on the number of entries you have that have placed. Even though I had 61 entries I didn’t win that award this year, I was hoping I would… Well I’ll just have to try for next year! I think if I make several cakes and a lot of the candies I could win next year. I am going to work on my decorated cakes throughout the year and store them, I can make them out of cake dummies and boxes they will stay fine. The first one I want to work on is my gingerbread house. I saw one in Wilton’s recent yearbook that I would like to make. As far the other’s I don’t know yet, just have to think about that later. Next week I have the Saco baking cocoa contest and the Fleishman’s yeast bread contest. In all the years I have entered these competition’s I always place 4th or 5th and only the first 3 winner’s get prize money. I hope I can at least place in the top 3 this year. I don’t know if it’s my presentation or how I write the recipes, I type them so they are clear to read. I am making my chocolate orange cake for the Saco contest and the theme is Having A Ball. I have no clue yet how I am going to decorate this one. Any idea’s on this one??? I’ll give anyone full credit on my blog if I pick your idea.. The bread contest I already have idea’s for, one is a whole grain bread contest only the 1st place get’s the prize money. I won 2nd the last time in this and no money darn it.. 😦 The theme is Bake for the Cure (for breast cancer). My grandma Shirley is a breast cancer survivor, so I’m going to make something that honors her fight against breast cancer. I am thinking of making strawberry rolls, you know like cinnamon rolls but with strawberry filling. I know what bread recipe I’m using,  but haven’t decided on the strawberry filling. I think it will have to be jam or preserves, I would like to make a strawberry curd, but I need to find a recipe for it. It will all be pink fabric and roses for my display. The whole grains bread contest I am making my cinnamon bread and using a basket lined with pink fabric and some satin pink bows. It’s going to be a pink explosion. I like the line Sally Field said in Steele Magnolias, while she was having her hair done before her daughter’s wedding, It looks like the whole church was hosed down with Pepto Bismal!! That’s what all the displays will look like at the fair for sure pink, pink, and more pink!!! LOL!!!

Please pray that my health will get better, I am still very anemic. I have had a heavy period for 5 weeks now, I feel very sleepy all the time. A normal iron level is 50 and mine is 15, I don’t know if the pills have helped yet… Also my fevers have returned, they haven’t been as high as last year when all this stuff started. It’s been between 99.5 and 100.4, so I hope they will go back down. I am having a CT done again sometime to check on the lesions on my lungs. I’ll just have to wait and see…

My family stuff hasn’t gotten any better… I am not going to speak to my brother, not until he says he’s sorry. Which is unlikely he’ll ever say that. He doesn’t like confrontation and doesn’t like being told he’s wrong with anything. He’s a lot like my mother she does the same thing. The Lord took that fear away from me a long time ago, I say how I feel, and what I think of a situation. Some people like it other’s don’t, well to those of you who don’t you can suck dirt for a I care!!! My brother chose to be friends with the man who raped me and until that changes nothing will change between us. I also think my brother doesn’t like me because I like his ex-wife better than I do him. At least she’ll talk to us and let us spend time with my niece’s and nephew he won’t. He uses his kids to get back at the family. His excuse is always that they are busy with school or sports stuff. My brother is a liar and he uses people to get what he wants from them. One of these days he’s going to need some of us again and we won’t be there to help… He treats the rest of my family expect my mom the same way. My mom refuses to see any of it, to her Dave does nothing wrong. He has always been her favorite, my dad’s favorite is my sister. They always put me in charge when they were gone, so if something went wrong when I was a kid I was held responsible. I would ask why am I in trouble when they did the bad thing?? They would say well you’re the oldest and your responsible… I thought that sucked… Also the problem with my brother is that in his whole life everything came easy for him, from school, friends, and girlfriends. The divorce from his wife is the only thing he has ever faced that was hard. When my dad wanted him to help us finish building our house he didn’t want to, he wanted to play football instead. So as soon as he turned 18 he ran away from home in the middle of the night. My mom came upstairs to my room and asked me if I knew where he was and I said no, she said all his clothes are gone! Well we found out later what he had done. One set of grandparents told him he needed to go home and work this out, but he refused and the other grandparent’s let him stay with them. That didn’t sit to well with my parent’s. We also found out that the creep who raped me helped him… One of these days that creep that raped me will mess up and they will all see that I’m not crazy, I just hope he doesn’t do anything to my niece.. He is a rapist, a peeping tom, and he is addicted to porn.

Well enough of my ranting for now…


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