Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

03 Oct

Hello Everyone,

I made several recipes in the last issue of the magazine and so many were so good!!! First 2 recipes I made are on pages 66 and 67 the Face off. I really liked the toppings on Sandra’s pizza better than Aaron’s, Ray like Aaron’s better. I will not buy pizza in a tube again through I just do not like the flavor, I’ll make my own next time!! Next on page 84 I made both the Spicy Lentil soup and the Pitts pizza’s, both were very good. The soup does get thicker the next day and tasted better to me. Ray didn’t like the salad topping on the pizza, but I did. Sometimes he can be a picky eater.. Next one I made is on page 92 the Pork with Plum Sauce, we loved them!!! I commented on Food Networks link on Facebook when they posted this recipe couple of weeks ago, saying that it was fantastic! Other people commented that it looked nasty! For the life of me I don’t understand why people comment about something when they haven’t even tried something yet. Some of the comments were downright rude and nasty. That is one Facebook page that has some of the most immature people I have ever met. I have met some very nice people there too, so I can’t complain too much about it… The next one is on page 94 the Chile Relleno Burgers, I am the only one that tried that one, Ray doesn’t like chilis very much and I knew he wouldn’t try this one. I thought oh well more chili’s for me!!! The next one is on page 109 and the Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Ragu, oh my goodness, it was fabulous!!! I didn’t make the plum tart I made a plum pie instead. The mushrooms were a little expensive, and took some time making, but so worth it!! Here is a picture of it..  I do have to practice making the Gnocchi, mine were a little weird looking!! LOL!!!/photo.php?pid=30747788&id=1528013904&ref=fbx_album

The last one I made was on page 162 the Mini Banana Fritters, I ate several hot right out of the cinnamon sugar mixture.. Note of advice through, I added all-purpose flour instead of cake flour, I know it’s my fault I just didn’t want to dig out my cake flour. I didn’t add enough flour and my batter was a little runny so the fritters were flat, not the round ones like on the page. Next time I’ll add more flour or use my cake flour so they look like the one’s in the picture. I’ll make these again, since I always have banana’s on hand!!! It’s nice to have a different recipe for banana’s since Ray always bring’s home old banana’s from work. They end up in the freezer and I try to find something different to make with them, instead off banana bread, cake, or cookies.. That gets old after a while!!

Well that’s all for today…

Amanda 🙂


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