Chicken Fajita Chili and Chocolate-Malt Cake

18 Oct

Hello Everyone,

Here are the recipes I made for my husband’s office chili/dessert contest this year. I’ll provide the link for the cake down below. Sadly I didn’t win anything this year. I was really hoping to win back the traveling trophy they have. Another lady won both the chili and the dessert this year. Ray said the chili and cake tasted really good, and so did a lot of people there. They kept asking him which ones were mine and asking for the recipes. There was nothing left of the chili or the cake! So to all my cyber friends I am asking you to be the judge! Please post your comments here, or any of my Facebook friends can post on my wall. I look forward to any and all comments!!! 🙂

Chicken Fajita Chili:

2, 2-3 lb. roasting chickens, cooked in a seasoned water, with kosher salt, ground black pepper, and garlic. Cook chicken just until it starts to pull away from the bone. Let cool slightly and throw away the skin and bones. Reserve 2-4 cups of the broth and chicken for the chili.

4 large red bell peppers, chopped

4 medium yellow onions, chopped

5 Serrano chilis, seeded and chopped, use gloves and do not touch your eyes or face!

10 cloves garlic, minced

4 cans (14.5 oz. each) peeled diced tomatoes, no salt added, undrainded

4 cans (15 oz.each) great northern white beans, rinsed and drained

3 packages (1.27 oz. each) Fajita seasoning

2 cans (7 oz. each) fire roasted diced green chilies, undrainded

1 can (6 oz.)  tomato paste

2 cans (15 oz. each) tomato sauce

1 cup lime juice

2 cups of the seasoned chicken cooking water

a few dashes of tabasco sauce, optional

1 bunch cilantro, chopped

kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

After cooking the chicken, heat 4 tbsp. olive oil in a large stockpot over medium-high heat and saute the peppers, onions, chilies, and garlic, just until tender. Add remaining ingredients expect the cilantro, salt and pepper. Cook for 2 hours on a low simmer, stirring sometimes. Add salt, and pepper to taste, and add in the cilantro. Serve with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, chopped green onions and crackers. You can cut this recipe in half to serve a smaller family or just freeze half, it makes a lot of chili! I just made this much because of the contest.

As for the cake, it was an adventure to make this one!! I saw the recipe a awhile ago in Bonappetit magazine and had to give it a try. I have a butane torch and had to get it refilled. I called the place I bought it from and would have to go in and get the right butane bottle. My husband remembered from filling it last time that we could get a can cheaper from Ace Hardware and fill the can ourselves. So when Ray got home with the butane he filled the can, or so he though he had… The next day when I started assembling this cake, and there are a lot of layers and things to make for this cake! The butane torch ran out after barely toasting a few marshmallows! Ack, so I had to wait for Ray to get home from work to finish the cake. He went outside again (the instructions say to fill the can outside it’s safer) and refilled it. Well the same thing happened I got just a few marshmallows toasted and it went out! So Ray decided to look up some information on the net to see what he could do about this. In the meantime I had to finish this cake! I set my oven on high broiler heat and put the pan in the oven to toast the marshmallows and what do you know it worked out great!! I had to watch it very closely so it didn’t burn. I did this with the 2nd layer of the marshmallows and it worked out really well! Agian watch this very closely or you’ll have burnt marshmallows! I got all the layering done and wrapped up the cake to sit overnight in the refrigerator. Just when I got all this done, what do you know Ray figured out what he was doing wrong with my torch and got it refilled the right way. He was filling the can right-side up when the directions said to fill the can up-side down!! LOL!! We learned our lesson, read the directions!! The next morning I got up early to finish to cake, and used the torch to toast the top layer of marshmallows. Here is a picture of my cake and the link to the recipe..

P. S. The cake texture was brownie like and Ray said they couldn’t slice it, just kinda scoop it out. Next time I am going to make my chocolate cream cake layers and see if that works out better…!/photo.php?fbid=1375950008622&set=a.1154295867407.2021540.1528013904

Well until next time everyone!! 🙂


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