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21 Oct

To the person who rated my last 2 postings on my blog as poor, 😦

I admit at first I was dumbfounded and confused as to why I would get such a low vote from you. WHY? At least send me a comment as to why you gave me such a low vote please! I know by posting the voting thingy that I opened myself up to this, and I’m not sorry I did. Your either:

1. A family member who is pissed off at me. Well whatever your problem is GET OVER IT! I’m tired of having s*** flung at me all the time! 

 2. You’re a random blog reader and just want to be rude and don’t have the guts to send me a comment. Your hiding behind your computer!!! 

3. Your rating my blog on how it’s written.  Well, I have dyslexia, and I write how I feel, I don’t get paid or anything. THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN POST WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT TO. Besides why does what I say bother you??? Instead of  just giving me a poor rating why don’t you email me or post a comment??

4. Your just a jealous person, who thinks I live a charmed life. Well NEWSFLASH!! I don’t, I am very sick and would like to see how you would like to be in my shoes for a day. I  have chest pain ALL the time from my Sarcoidosis, I can’t work, I am on 02 most of the time. I have 6 doctors I have to see on a random basis. I have  at least 1 doctor appt a week. I’m all swollen from the steroids and in stomach pain from them. I have a blood clot still breaking up behind my right knee and something could break off at any time from it and go to my lungs, heart, or brain and I would die instantly.

So to whoever you are don’t hide behind my ratings poll again! Send me a comment or email! I have never pretended to be anything other than what I have written on my blog. I am not pretty, slim or beautiful in any physical sence, but I am in my mind. I love to do all the cakes I make and it’s what keep’s me going and keeps the focus off myself, my health, and my family. Most of the time anyway…

Well #%&* right back to ya!!!


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