Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

01 Dec

Hello Everyone,

Here are the recipes we tried out this month’s November Magazine. What I decided to do was cook a feast for our Thanksgiving day. Ray and I stayed home this year. After my grandmother’s passing I just didn’t feel like going anywhere that day. We started our day with pumpkin pancakes, now these were not from the magazine. I made them up!! I measured about 2 cups of krusteaz pancake mix. I know what  your all saying what a mix??? What’s wrong with you Amanda??? I grew up on this pancake mix and happen to really like it!! I then added about 1-1/2 cups pumpkin puree, dash of cinnamon, and some half-half to thin out the batter a bit, about 1/2 cup. You’ll have to play with it a bit to get the right consistency you like. They were very tasty!!! I cooked some sausage and that was breakfast!! I watched the whole Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! I never get to when I cook for all my family here. My grandparent’s always want dinner by 1:30 pm or so. It was so nice to just sit until the parade was done. I didn’t even get the turkey in the oven until 12:30 pm!!! Speaking of turkey, I made Alton Brown’s turkey recipe on page 118, I then made Tyler Florence’s Buttered Turnip Puree, and they were delish!! On page 139 I made Alex’s Guarnaschelli’s Parker House rolls, and I didn’t make them into the same shape she made them in, I just made dinner rolls out of them. We are still eating them a week later!! On page 50 I made Ellie Krieger’s Sweet Potato Cassarole,  I wanted to make something different from the traditional cloying sweet potato casserole with marshmallow’s. This recipe was so much better!! I will make this one again!! I decided to make the “He-Made She Made” contest with cranberry sauce on page 58 and 59. I am the only one that tried these to dishes out, Ray doesn’t really like cranberries. I have to give this one to Guy, I loved his cranberry sauce. There  is something about Paula’s cranberry/cream cheese mixture that I didn’t like at all.. Ended up throwing the rest of her’s out in the trash, sorry Paula, better luck next time!!! On page 128 I decided to make Cat Cora’s cornbread to make dressing with. I made the best cornbread stuffing I have ever made with this recipe!! Don’t ask me how I made it, I can’t remember how to!! I just threw stuff in it!! LOL!! The last thing I made was on page 149, the Almond Pumpkin pie. This was a very tasty pie! I loved the creamy filling, plus the fact it had amaretto in it really helped!! I didn’t care for the crust too much, I’ll stick with Julia Childs pie crust recipe from now on for all my pies!! The rest of the day went really well for us, just hanging around the house watching movies and drinking a bottle of really good red wine helped a lot!! LOL! It was a nice peaceful day for us..

I delivered my hospice cake this morning, right on time I will mention. I walked into the door of this place and the person that takes the cakes was on the phone at his desk and just put out his hand for the cake and didn’t say one word to me. Not a how ya doing, nice cake, NOTHING!!! I know he may have been busy on the phone, but this guy is always like this, RUDE!! I do not like him at all. I just hope the Birthday person likes the cake, that matter more to me anyways…

For the last 3 days I have been working on the sweet 16 cupcakes for a coworker’s daughter at work. I have been molding dozens of chocolate crowns, the numbers 16, and made some fondant bow ties. The party is a mocktail/cocktail party. Her colors are black, silver, and pink. I am using silver baking cups, hot pink champagne buttercream, chocolate crowns, the number 16, and sprinkle some hot pink coarse sugar on the buttercream. I am brushing the crows with gold and silver luster dust. I hope they like these cupcakes!! I am only asking  for what it has cost me for the ingredient’s and asked if she wanted to make a donation to Angel Cakes in whatever amount she felt like. I don’t have a licence kitchen so I can’t make money off of what I make. Hopefully someday I will have one! Sighhh someday who knows…

Well goonight all, I have 50 cupcakes to bake and decorate tomorrow!! Very busy day for me!!!

Amanda 🙂


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