December Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

12 Jan

Hello everyone,

I made several recipes from the December issue, not as many as I wanted to. There are several others I would like to try later. When I make them I will mention them in later posts. There were a lot of dessert recipes and it would have been SUGAR-OVERLOAD if I had made them all!! Some would be great to enter in the State fair later, but I will try them before entering any of them..

So here goes… First one is one page, 60 Ellie Kriger’s Minstrone soup. I really like her recipes, they are tasty and don’t have all the fake junk, like sugar substitutes, ect.. This soup is wonderful, light and refreshing!!! Next on page 96-97, I only made Duff’s potato pancake and it’s ok, nothing to special about it, just potatoes… I am going to make Nigella’s recipe later this week, so I’ll write about that one later.. Next one on page 101 Charlie’s Cranberry-Eggnog Muffins, and these were ok, I think there’s some typo in this recipe, because it made almost 18 standard size muffins, and the recipe says it only makes 12, what up with that??? There was way too much topping for the muffins also, I didn’t like the texture of it. These are better served warm the same day as they don’t taste good cold.. It’s a heavy dense muffin, not what I am used to, I guess. As far as flavor wise goes they do taste ok..Next on pages 177-183, I made the first 3 pages of these cookies and had to stop. These were the cookies I made for Christmas day and was going to give them out on plates to my family, and well from my other posts you know what happened on that day.. I put a lot of work, money and time into making all these cookies only to have them thrown back at me, I am heartbroken by how we were treated that day. I still have a had time even talking about it without crying… As far as the cookies go all 9 recipes I made were very good, I still have most of them in my freezer. We did eat all of the meringue cookies, they are my favorite cookies right now! I baked the Golden Sesame Rolls the other day and they are really good to and so easy!!! When I make the last 3 cookie recipes I post more about them later.. Like I said before a lot of sugar is this issue, too much!!! Well that’s all I made so far…

My Dr. sent the letter we needed to the Y , so hopefully we will be able to start going next week. I am looking forward to going, even through it will be hard at first..

The cake for the NICU baby has been put off until Friday, I guess he isn’t doing as well as they had hoped.. I do have a cake to deliver to the mentally challenged place on Friday also. The lady I talked to on the phone said that the girl I am baking the cake for a girly-girly, so anything pink, yellow or with flowers would be great! I thought about making her a purse cake. I haven’t made one before. Wilton has a really cute purse cake pan, it would be fun to try that one!!

Well I better go for now, I have a lot to get done today!!! 4 cakes, 2 pies, and cleaning to work on the rest of this week. I forgot to say that the 4th cake will be for my husband’s aunt, she will be 88, I think? You would never know she was that age, she still drives, cleans her house and cooks for her kids and family a lot. She’s an amazing lady!! We lover her a lot!!! She deserve’s a special cake!! 🙂

Amanda 🙂


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