Orange Jello Salad

25 Jan

Hello Everyone,

Here is my grandma Carole’s famous orange jello salad. We all LOVE this salad and eat it many times throughout the year. This is the only jello I will eat. I don’t like regular jello at all, and I have no idea why.. I think it’s the texture of it… I don’t know where she got the recipe, I just know that its is my favorite salad.

Orange Jello Salad:

1 large container full fat cottage cheese, the 2% taste’s sour to me

1 large container cool whip, I know what I said about cool whip in a another post, but this is the only way I’ll eat cool whip also.. HEHE!!

3 small can’s mandarin oranges, drained

2 (3oz.) packages orange jello

Fold all ingredient’s together, (except 1 can of oranges to decorate the top with). Best served cold. I know my grandmother makes her’s a little different from this but, this is the one I have made several times. I have also made this with fresh raspberries and strawberries (when they are in season) and it is wonderful, using raspberry and strawberry jello of course…LOL!!!

Well we went to the Y tonight and walked 4 laps around the walking track, and I know it’s not very much, but it was all I could do for tonight. The place was packed with people, too much for me… Tomorrow morning I am going to the exercise class for the old and sick people like me! LOL!! I hope it will not be as busy as it was tonight!!! There were a lot of heavy people there and a lot of Hispanics, where I live there is a huge Hispanic population. I told Ray I need to learn Spanish, he did buy a computer program so I could learn it. I really need to start using it!!

My Dr. cut down my steroids to 15 mlgs a day now, she is going to talk to my other specialist and see what to do from here. She doesn’t want to just take me off them and have the sarcoid flair back up like it did last summer. Have to wait and see what they will want to do now…

Well I better go for now, I need to rest so I can be up early for the exercise class..

Goodnight all…

Amanda 🙂

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