Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

08 Mar

Hello everyone,

Here are some of the recipes Ray and I tried from the January/February issue of the magazine. The first 2 are on pages 50 and 51. Pat and Gina Neely’s pancake and syrup recipes. Now I don’t like the Neely’s show on FN at all, I have tried so watch it about 3-4 times and oh gag me!!!. These are the first recipes I thought I would try from them. I made Gina’s pancakes first and they were really good, the syrup recipe was fantastic! Ray really liked these pancakes! Pats pancakes were ok, not my favorite. I love the blueberries with the syrup, very tasty!! So, I still won’t watch their show, but I might try more of their recipes later…

 Next one is on page 55 Miriam Garron’s Turkey Sliders, I loved these, anything with ground turkey and hummus is a winner for me, Ray didn’t care for them..

The next one is on page 70 FN kitchens Pork with Apples and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Ray really liked this one, he’s a huge pork and anything bacon fan!! LOL!! I didn’t care for it too much, and I don’t know why..

The next one is on page 72, the Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs. I LOVED this recipe!! The meatballs very tender and light, and the whole spaghetti was very tasty. I have had whole wheat pasta before, I have been trying to cut down all the white refined foods in our house. I love whole wheat, I always have, and I love brown rice too. It takes a long time to cook, but’s it’s so worth it!! The sauce recipe was very good, I didn’t have the parmesan rind to add to it, so we just added some parmesan cheese to our dishes instead.. This is a must make again recipe for me!!

The next one is on page 73 the Slow-Cooker Split Pea Soup. I made this for my February’s U of I food safety class and they all loved it. I grew up eating a lot of soup like this. They are very filling and cheap to make. My mom made a lot of split pea, lentil, and barley soups when I was a kid. So, thank you mom for making these all the time, I now love to make and eat them!!! 🙂

The next recipe is on page 103 Ellie’s Raisin Bread. Now I took some creative liberty with this. I added dried sweetened cranberries instead and made them into cinnamon rolls instead of just a loaf of bread. I loved this whole wheat bread recipe, it’s very tender and nutty tasting!! I will be entering this bread in the state fair this year!! 

That’s all the recipes I felt like making this time, I am on my way to the kitchen now to make Guy’s whole wheat preztals and the filled chocolate mousse cakes. I’ll let you know later how they turned out!! I have already made a couple of recipes from the March issue, but those will be in a later post.. 

I haven’t taken to many cakes this month… I need a break I guess.. I did take one to a nursing home this past Sunday, it wasn’t to fancy. I will be baking the Mission cake this month plus one for a mentally challenged adult, so that’s 3 cakes.  The Dr. is changing my medication for the Sarcoid plus my nerve pain and I haven’t had much energy for anything. I am still going the Y’s Swim Fit class, I love it!! It’s the only place I don’t feel any pain and feel as light as a feather, floating in water..

Well I better go for now and head into the kitchen for more recipe testing!!

Amanda 🙂


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