March Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

06 Apr

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of the recipes we decided to try… The first one is on page 57 “The He made She made”. I didn’t make Cheffs Robert’s version of antipatso platter, there was nothing to it other than putting meats, cheese’s, bread, and vegetables on a nice serving platter. It’s a lot easier to make his, than Cheff Ann’s was. I did make that one and we loved it. It’s a very creative way to make a antipatso salad. This one goes to Cheff Ann, sorry Cheff Robert, we still love your shows!!

 The next recipe is on page 74 the Eggs in Purgatory with Salami, we loved this one. So very easy and a great quick dinner without thawing out and cooking meat. I have made this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

The next recipe is on page 79, the Pork Marsala with Spinach, oh so very tasty!! Ray loved the mushroom sauce, and well he loves pork so anything I make with pork, (as long as it’s not spicy) he will love it!!

The next recipe in on page 79 as well. The Shrimp Fra Diavolo (which means Brother Devil) I know it’s an odd name for a shrimp dish. It was very spicy, it had 1 tbsp. of red-hot pepper flakes. Ray said it was to hot for him, but it wasn’t for me. I’m the chili head, he’s not!! LOL!! 🙂

 The next recipe in on page 117 Ricotta-Filled Meatballs with Fennel and Chili, we both loved this one as well. I haven’t made meatballs like this before, they called for ground beef, veal, and pork, I normally make turkey meatballs. The meatballs very good and I made my own mariana sauce to go with it.  It was a lot more work than other meatball recipes I have made, but it’s a keeper!!

 The next recipe is on page 130, the Tiramisu. I loved this!! This is the only dessert that I love coffee in. It’s a lot better if you let it sit overnight, the flavors get a chance to blend together better. I didn’t use mascarpone cheese. I used some soft set cream cheese instead, it needed to be used up.. 

Well that’s it, and I think that was enough anyway!!

Today is my dad’s 59th Birthday, I can’t believe it. He doesn’t look his age, he looks younger than that. Ray and I are taking him and my step-mom out for his Birthday tonight. We are going to Olive Garden, one of our favorite places to go. I am really going to miss them when they leave next week, still having a hard time with it… It’s also my aunts Birthday. My mom and grandma are having a party for her tonight, and they wanted us to come, but we had already made plans with my dad.  We’ll need to do something later with my aunt..

I went to the first class last night for people who have had cancer, and got a lot of great information. We’ll be meeting one day a week until the end of this month and a couple more times after that. It was really nice, they are having different speakers coming each week to talk about thing’s that cancer people need help with. I was the only one that had thyroid cancer there. All the other’s had some form of breast cancer, there was one man who had some kind of cancer, but I can’t remember what he had.. They showed us some exercises we could do to build up the muscles in different area’s. I couldn’t march in place, it’s very painful on my right foot. It keeps going numb when I do too much on it..

Well I better go  for now, need to get some thing’s done…

Until next time..

Amanda 🙂


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