April Food Network Magazine Reviews

08 May

Hello Everyone,

Here are few recipes we tried from the April issue. Give some of them a try yourself!!! 🙂

I’ll start in page 48-49, I made the “He Made She Made” chicken salads. The frist one is from Emeril, and both Ray and I didn’t like this one. If I ever do make it again, I would add a green onion, the red onion in this was to hot. If you do make it let it sit overnight, so the flavors mellow out a bit.. The next one is Aarti’s and we both really liked hers a lot better! So sorry Emeril you lost on this one! Aarti’s had a great flavor and crunch from the grapes to the cashews, delish Aarti! So far every recipe I have tried of her’s has been wonderful!! Thank you Aarti for another great recipe!

The next recipe is on page 52, the Almost Famous Rosemary  Bread. All I can say is YUMM!!! Excellent bread recipe, and great for dipping in peppery olive oil!

The next recipe is on page 74 the Chicken and Asparagus Crepes. I really liked this one, Ray didn’t care for it too much. I made my own crepes, I didn’t buy them, since they are easy to make. Several years ago I worked with a home health client that loved crepes. She is the one that taught me how to make them. She liked them with cottage cheese, strawberry jam, and sour cream. I made them like that once and they are tasty. These chicken ones are warm and had great flavor. 

The next recipe is on page 82 the Glazed Salmon with Spiced Carrots. We both really like the salmon cooked this way. I didn’t like the carrots made this way, maybe it was the mustard in it. Ray said he didn’t mind them. I won’t cook carrots like that again, just the salmon.

The last recipe is on page 150, the Monster Marshmallow Cookies. I had some trouble with this recipe, I think it needed  about 1/2 cup more flour, and do not skip the step on lining your cookie sheets with parchment paper, or they will stick! Whatever cookie part that wasn’t on parchment paper stuck to the cookie sheet. I think they would be better to if you freeze the marshmallows and roll the cookie dough around them. They just melted onto the cookie sheet. They did have great flavor, they were like a candy cookie, with lots of crunch from the rice cereal, and nuts. I didn’t add the chocolate drizzle, just didn’t want too…

Well that’s all for today everyone, I have 200 cupcakes to get done for my aunt. She asked me to make them for a Mother’s Day event they are having at her church this week. So I need to get very busy!!

Until next time everyone!

Amanda 🙂


2 responses to “April Food Network Magazine Reviews

  1. Mary from Apron Strings & Wedding Rings

    May 9, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    I think you just talked me into getting that magazine Amanda! Hope you had fun trying the recipes. Tim & I just got back home from DC. Hoping to post a great pic of the Lincoln Memorial & the White House IF I get around to downloading them! Back in Boston for the rest of the week. Will check back in with your blog when I get home. Usually, I can’t wait! – Mary L.

  2. angelcakebaker35

    May 9, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you Mary! I hope to get to DC sometime. I would love to go see Julia Childs kitchen at the Smithsonian and all the monuments. I love FN magazine, I cook from it all the time! 🙂
    That’s why I started the posts about it awhile ago. Just seemed like a fun thing to do! Thanks again!


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