Russian Food Festival

21 May

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday Ray and I went to the Russian Food Festival that is held in Boise. All the proceeds go the Russian church and community. I didn’t post anything about yet it, because I was looking for the menu they gave us. Ray and I also went to a huge parking lot yard sale after we ate, and it was hot!! I got sunburned on the neck and my arms and I ended up with sun sickness Sunday. Feeling much better now!!! We love this festival, the food and music is fantastic!  Here is what we decided to sample..

Pelmeni: Russian Stuffed dumplings, with beef and or beef and pork. We had the beef ones with a little sour cream on top. It was my favorite dish of the day!!

Piroshki: Russian turnovers, they had them stuffed with a variety of fillings. Potato and beef, apricots/apples/ and raisins, potato/mushroom, cabbage/beef, and eggs/green onions. We had one of the Potato/beef and Ray ate the other one and I don’t remember what that one was. They were pretty good, not my favorite.

Blini: Russian pancakes, they had some with beef/mushrooms and some filled with some kind of sweet cheese. I loved these, so tasty!!

Mushroom Zakuson: Russian style marinated mushrooms, they had a pickled flavoring to them and spicy These were really good too!

Carrot Salad: Russian style marinated carrot salad, this was also pickled. We bought some of this to bring home, and were still eating it! lol!

The others items we chose to sample was the Shish-Kebab with rice, it was just ok, the meat was too overcooked for my taste.. We had some kind of dough that was fried and had a meat filling and I’m sorry I can’t remember what it was called. This is just a small listing of what they had, there was so much food there! We took a take-out dessert box, filled with amazing treats, like Baklava, almond cookies, and a peanut cake. We also brought home a Russian chocolate log, it has almonds and vodka, were still nibbling on that! It’s really strong!!!

I almost forgot to add that Ray bought me the cutest Russian doll set. They are absolutely the cutest dolls ever! They are hand made and painted..

The Greek Food Festival is in a couple of weeks and you can bet we’ll be going to that one to!

Later everyone!

Amanda 🙂


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