Fun Day

15 Jun

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a long day for Ray and I, but we had a lot of fun! Ray (bless him) took the day off work to drive me and a friend around Boise. I had a University of Idaho meeting and we were touring different ethnic markets around town. Last week I had surgery on my toes and haven’t been able to drive to far..
Here are the places we visited:

1. Asian Grocery Outlet, it was clean and beautiful the people we very nice. They had a lot of interesting products that we had never seen before. Ray bought a Thai tea and I bought a fruit drink, I can’t remember what it was called, but it was very good! I’ll need to visit this place again! 🙂 Ray says I’m like a kid in a candy store when I visit these markets, I have to look at everything! LOL!!!

2. India Foods, I loved this place! They had incense burning and the whole place smelled great!  I bought star anise, orange blossom water, and chickpea flour.  Not sure yet what I’ll make with any of it. I’ll have to look for recipes in my Indian cookbook. We also bought some, peanut brittle and it’s really good! It’s a beautiful store!

3. Ishtar Market. This was an Arabian market and they had a small restaurant. I bought some Turkish Delight candy and it’s tastes yummy! It’s orange in color and I think it has some cardamom spice to it and they were coated in powdered sugar. My friend (Jamie) that was in the car with us bought some bread they had just made there and wow was it good! We will be going back there! They also had great prices on lamb meat and I love lamb!! Jamie also asked the owners what these dried brown hard balls were, because they didn’t have anything on them and we couldn’t tell what they were at all! Turns out they were dried lemons! We asked what do you put these in? He said in soups or stews, to add that lemon flavor to dishes. We asked him do you eat them and he said no, there just for flavor. It was very interesting! We will be back!

4. Orient Market. This place had a lot of frozen products. They had black frozen chicken! I am going to try this at least one time, to say I have tried it. I have been looking up recipes for it and so far it’s similar to Asians to what chicken noodle soup is to me! So why not try it at least once! They even had frozen quail and I have been wanting to try that for a long time. There is a recipe in the Food Network magazine for June, that looks really good, I know where to find quail now! The only thing I didn’t like about this market was the smell, it had a fish odor and I’m not sure if they sold fresh fish or not. There wasn’t any we could find anyway. They even had duck eggs and some duck eggs pickled. Maybe someday I get up the nerve to try them… LOL!!

5. El Torito Market, this is a Mexican market. I am familiar with most of Mexican food and spices. I have a wonderful authentic Mexican cookbook that my mom bought when we lived in Arizona. We have cooked a lot of Mexican food growing up and have eaten at many different Mexican restaurant’s. Ray and I bought some soda, mine was lime and I think Ray bought an orange one. It was yummy! I also bought some chile/lemon spiced chickpeas, and they were ok, not my favorite item….

We also bought some cassava crackers (I can’t remember where)? They are tasty, but can’t eat very much because they get too hot on your mouth! We also bought some cashew brittle, and it yummy also! It was great to visit all these markets with my friends from the U of I and my hubby!

Later than day we had a BBQ at the Y with my Cancer class, and had a nice time with everyone. Sure did make for along day for me. Today I am really tired out!!!

I hope I have inspired you to try some of the ethnic markets in your area! You never know what treasures you may find! 🙂


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