June Food Network Magazine Recipe Reviews

14 Jul

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of the recipes we tried in June. First on is on page 62 and 63, the “He Made She Made”  flavored tea contest, between Bobby Flay and Aarti Sequeira. We loved Aarti’s tea better than Bobby’s. In Bobby’s you could not taste the blackberries at all. In Aarti’s tea the flavor was just right and we loved it!!! Sorry Bobby maybe next time!! 🙂

Next recipe is on page 66 the Copy That recipe. It’s the Almost-Famous Corn Salsa, this was just ok to us, not that good. I ended up using the rest of the corn salsa in a Mexican casserole and it tasted really good in that..

The next recipe is on page 69 Ashley’s Banana Cream Pie, neither of us liked this one either. I guess it’s because I don’t like banana’s too much. Ray said it was ok, not the best..

The next recipe’s are page 95, I made both the Peanut-Butter Chocolate Chip-Bacon Cookies, and these were really good!  I made the Beer Lover’s Sundae sauce and it tastes fine if you like beer. I’m not a drinker so most of this will go to Ray if he wants it…

The next recipe is on page 100, the Fish Tacos with Fresh Salsa, and I loved these, but I love fish tacos! When we go out to a restaurant I look to see if they have them on the menu, and I get them most of the time. I changed the fish in this recipe, since I don’t trust getting catfish from the store, a lot of them have that muddy taste, yuck… My mom and step-dad are the only one’s I know, that know how to clean catfish the right way. I used tilapia instead, and it worked out great!

The next recipe are on page 131 and I made all 3 recipes. This was my first time making spring rolls and Ray loved them! He’s been asking me to make some more of them since I have some rice paper wrappers left over, I just need to find another filling. I didn’t wrap the pork in lettuce, I just marinated it and grilled it. Then place it on top of a salad and it tasted great! We both didn’t care for the bubble tea, it just tasted weird to me. I won’t buy black tapioca again, to weird for me, I guess..

The next recipe is on page 154, the Salmon burger, we both liked this one!

Next one is on page 155 the Pork burgers and these were really good, I made my own coleslaw for these.. 

The next one is on page 156, The Veggie Burger and we both loved this one!

The last recipe is on page 170 and I can’t make this one until Saturday or Sunday. We’ll be getting some fresh peaches Saturday in our Bountiful Baskets, and I am really looking forward to making Ina’s Fresh Peach Cake!  I also have to make a peach cobbler, Ray has been begging me to make one! 🙂 With the rest of the peaches I am canning jam, and peaches for the fair. I’m going to have a busy week!!!

I don’t have any Community Cakes this month. I felt I needed a break plus I have to get stuff ready for the fair. All I am entering is some canned foods and some dried foods. I will have about 20 entires in the canning department. My husband teased me and said “wow an all time low, are you sick! I told him hahaha you’re so funny!!! I hope sarcasm comes across here??? 

Well until next time everyone..

Amanda 🙂


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