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Fair Week Has Started!

Hello Everyone,

Today is the starting line to a very busy week for me! I have a lot to get done today, I still need to decorate my fair cakes! YIKES!! What I decided to do this year, was simply ice two different cakes. I went to Fred Meyer and had the fair book copied on sugar sheets, so they would stick to the frosting easier. Plus they will look better than if I had just made paper copies of it. Saturday Ray and I spent all day working out a deal for a van, so I had plenty of time to think about how I would put these cakes together. I have one 14-inch square and it’s just going to have the fair book cover on top and then I thought I would cut some of the extra sugar sheets apart to decorate the sides. The other cake I have is 2-tier round cake, (by the way there both dummy cakes, styrofoam). I haven’t quiet decided on what I’m doing with this one, other than using the sugar sheets. I am so happy I bought the sugar sheets. With my stove giving out last week, and with getting the van, plus being sick, I feel really drained. Plus some family issues has really had me upset.. All I will say is that I have decided to have no contact with any of them for a long time.. I think it would be better for all of us anyway.. I am too sick to deal with them anymore.. I just want to get through crazy fair week, and spend time with my husband and go to church.. Sometimes in life there is nothing more you can do for people, so your only option is to move on.. And that’s what I am doing…

I do have to finish my fair entries today. I just need to print off my canning labels and put the dried herbs in jars.. I think I have 15 entries for the canning department this year. I was going to make peach jam, preserves and peach pie filling last night, but the peaches I bought we not any good at all. They were called saucer peaches and were more flat, and they had a bad texture to them. So, sadly out to the trash they had to go.. 😦 I am going to wait for the local Freestone peaches to ripen, they are great for canning!

Well I better be off… It’s going to be a looooonnnng day for me..

Amanda 🙂

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