First Day of The Fair!

28 Jul

Hello Everyone,

The fair has started today and WOW were we busy! It seems to me like there was alot more people on opening today than there was last year… We had some good baking entires but the number is down from last year.. I only have 3 decorated cakes this year, compared to the 8 I had last year!  But the three cakes that did get entered were really great!  One is so cute it was made by an up and coming cake decorater she’s 15 and it was a monky cake! The judges loved it! She got 2nd only because she was competing against a 3-Tiir blue “Grown It and Show It Cake”! It’s also a creative cake! The one that has all the poeple ohh and aww is a cake made by one of our Community Cakes bakers Jamie! She made a 3-tier book cake with a wizards hat on top and she made a cute little green wizard’s helper! So far it’s the favorite!

I did win 12 1st place ribbons in canning and 2nd places! I am thrilled! It’s the first time I have entered canning in 2 years! WOW!! I did win 1st place in the apicot pie contest! I was really suprised by this win! Normally when another lady and her son enter I never win! I am still is shock! They had 8 apicot pies entered. I win $25 and 25lbs. of sugar. I am entering a cherry pie tomorrow, I have the sour cherries canned and made an extra pie crust ready from today..

So pray for me tomrrow, not just to win, but I am still not feeling well… To be honest I am thinking this might be my last year.. With my health decling as fast as it is.. I’m not sure how the next 6 months will go…

Well until next time… I’m reallty tired,, So please forgive my missplelled words ect.. To tired to clean it up! 

Night all…

Amanda 🙂

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