The Fair is Over for Another Year!

03 Aug

Hello everyone,

Well the fair is over for another year! It was a great fair with lots of fun, people and food! I’m not sure yet how many people came through, Thursday was really busy, but the next 3 days were a little slow with people, but steady. I didn’t have as many entries as last year.. I don’t know if it was the heat, slow spring, or the economy. Most likely all three.. I wasn’t the only one down, Horticulture, Hobby Crafts, and Canning were pretty sparse. If I hadn’t put in 15 entries in canning there wouldn’t have been much there.. I am really happy with how all my canning placed, I got 12, 1st places and 3, 2nd places! I also won 1st on Thursday, “by a landslide I was told” in the apricot pie contest! I won $25 and 25lbs of sugar! I was so happy about that! I was also interviewed for channel 2 news, they were there all day showing different events at the fair. I didn’t really want to be on camera, and I never saw the news piece. I was to busy at the fair, but I was walking around and 2 young girls pointed at me and said that’s the lady that was on the news! YIKES!!  I happened to get some really good apricots from the Bountiful Baskets Co-Op, I made the pie filling, 2 batches of jam and dried some.. I thought about entering some in the State fair, but I’m not going to. Ray and I will be married 10 years next week! Wow, it sure doesn’t seem like 10 years have already passed.

I had a lot of really nice people come through and some rude ones.. There always going to be some people who just don’t know how to keep their traps shut.. If I had a $1 for every time someone asked me “how I can sit there and not want to eat everything”, I would be rich! Can’t tell you how tired I am of that question!! There was one lady, who normally enters a lot of things in my department and other department’s came through on Friday, and I can’t stand her!! I’m not the only one that doesn’t like her. A couple of years ago when I started getting sick, she had the nerve to walk up to me and asked if she could bring in more of her baked items, with my judges standing at my table!!!! I told her NO!!!! Not only was it, passed the entry day, but with my judges standing right there! I was more than ticked off!!! This year I didn’t miss her at all, and when she came through on Friday she kept saying WOW YOU HAVE NOTHING HERE!! And she kept saying it about 5 times, I wanted to tape her mouth shut, she has diarrhea of the mouth! All I said, is every year is different.. I ignored her the rest of the time, and kept my eyes on my word search game I was working on.. This lady also got mad at the pie lady, she didn’t with anything on the apricot pie day or on cherry pie day, so she yelled at the pie lady saying” I drive an hour all the way here we should win something! Well my comment to her” is just because you drive an hour to the fair doesn’t automatically entitle you to win!” She kept saying, within earshot of me about how much sugar she has won last year and that it was all over her house ect.. Like I said she has diarrhea of the mouth.. It’s a good thing I don’t see her any other time of year.. I know I should be more patient, but I have had to deal with this lady for the last 3 years and my patience is wearing thin!! I don’t know if she’s just insecure, or jealous? Maybe a little of both.. Or she’s just nuts!! LOL!!!

There is one lady who I have become friends with over the years, and she’s a wonderful baker, and one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Her whole family are wonderful bakers!! They enter a lot in my department and win a lot. We have shared recipes and tips with each other through the years. She makes some of the best pies ever! She made a lemon custard pie, coconut meringue pie and a rhubarb pie in my department and won 1st and a Best in Show for her lemon pie! I hated to see them all go to wast so I took home half of each pie! I knew she wouldn’t mind! She even gave me the recipe for the lemon pie, later after I make it I’ll post it. Ray loved it, it not the traditional lemon meringue pie, it’s a lemon custard pie..

Here is a picture of my winning enteries!





Well I better be off, I am making a cake for a mentally challenge adult this week, so I need to go bake.. 🙂

Until next time!

Amanda 🙂

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