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12 Aug

Hello everyone,

Ray and I have been married 10 years now! Wow!!! I can’t believe 10 years have already passed, where did the time go? We have had lots of good times and some bad times. Ray asked me would you marry me again now? I said yes! We had a great night tonight! Ray wanted to take me to the Culinary Walk About in Boise. All the proceeds benefit the local Meals-On-Wheals program. I want to talk about the wonderful food we had!

1. Adrid Club, Sous Vide River Farms Short Ribs, served with vegetable slaw and hoisin sesame aioli. I don’t remember eating this dish, maybe we didn’t get it? I don’t know??

2. Tavern at Brown Crossing, Herb-Roasted Double “R” Ranch Filet, served with lavender white cheddar mashers and a green herb sauce. Oh My Word!! This dish was so good I could have eaten the whole plate!!

3. Bella Aquila, Mushroom Risotto, served with crimini, oyster, and enoki mushrooms in a creamy Italian rice. I have to be honest here, I’m sorry but I didn’t care for this too much. It tasted too much like just onions to me..

4. Cucina di Paolo, Bruchetta 2 ways, served with grilled artichokes, Maytag blue, and pinenuts with marinated slow-roasted tomato. These were really yummy!!!

5. Boise Centre, Pepper-Crusted Ribeye Steak, served with chipolte remoulade. Herb-Crusted Pork Tenderloin Crostini, served with huckleberry chutney. This was delicious!!

6. Salt Tears, House-Roasted Turkey Salad Sandwich, served with honey/lime vinaigrette. Roasted Pork Shoulder, served with Dijon cream sauce. These were served on little buns like sliders, and they were ok. I did like the turkey better than the pork..

7. Dawson Taylor, Dark roasted Sumatra, Swiss Water Decaf Dark Roast Sumatra. We didn’t get a chance to try these.. I would have liked to try the decaf, since caffeine keeps me awake..

8. Reef, Mango Tango Salad, Fresh spinach tossed in a mango cumin vinaigrette with applewood smoked bacon. This was ok, not my favorite..

9. The Brickyard, Day Boat Scallops Seared Over Beluga Lentils, served with Cabernet pan reduction and micro greens. I liked the vegetables on this but I let Ray have the scallop..

10. Goody’s, Coconut Ice Cream, served with bittersweet chocolate topping. Ray loved this, but I could only eat about 4 bites, it was really good but very rich and so sweet!

11. Doubletree, Chocolate-Covered Idaho Potato Chips with Sea Salt, topped with Sweet Spicy Bacon Bits and Huckleberry sauce. Oh My Word!! If any food was sinful tonight this was it!! LOL!! I ate 3 of them! One of the best bites I had all night!

12. Ono Hawaiian Cafe, Sugar Cane Sweet Pork Tacos. I can’t remember if we ate any of these???

13. Bardenay, Braised Pork and Guajilo Chili Posole, Garnished with Savoy Cabbage, cilantro, radish, and scallion. Ray just ate this one, I like Posole, I made it awhile back and loved it, but I didn’t want any tonight. I don’t think Ray ate more than 2 bites of it, he said it was to spicy for him.

14. Zee Catering and Floral, Wine Cork Smoked Snake River Beef Brisket, served with Port wine mashed potatoes. This was another dish that I wanted to eat the whole plate!! YUMMY!!

15. Cottonwood Grille, Petite Beef Tenderloin Oscar. this was very yummy!!

16. Incredible Edibles, Huckleberry Pavlova, this was delish!! I ate 3 of them! They were only about 1-inch round, so good!! Mocha Mousse Cones, this was ok, to rich for me.. White Chocolate Truffle tart, these were really good to! Mini Gourmet Cake Bites, the one I had tasted like lemon and I didn’t like it at all, it was like wet dough covered in chocolate, yuck…

17. John Berryhill Bacon, 8 kinds of bacon, need I say more? It was all bacon baby! It was all delish!!

18. Life’s Kitchen, Santa Maria Tri Tip. served with black bean and roasted corn relish. I really liked the meat on this one, but not the relish too much..

19. Louie’s Ravioli di Lazio, served with mushroom-stuffed ravioli Grilled Chicken, served with balsamic pomodoro sauce. This was ok, not the best we had tonight…

20. Mickey Ray’s Brisket and Pulled Pork Sliders, I loved the brisket, but not the pork to well.

As you can see we really had a lot of variety tonight, a lot of it was really good and some not so good. It all boils down to personal taste, I guess… I hope we can make it next year! If you’re in the Boise area next year give this a try! We had blast!!

Goodnight all!!

Amanda 🙂

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