Our 10th Anniversary

15 Aug

Hello Everyone,

Ray and I decided to celebrate our anniversary not only at the Culinary Walk About but also by staying at the Grove Hotel downtown. We had a great time, getting room service, and watching movies. We also decided to visit their restaurant in the hotel called Emilio’s. We had some great food that night! They had a 4 course dinner that we decided to try. Plus Ray wanted the crab cakes, they were delicious and served with a wasabi aioli.  Our first course was a choice to start with soup or salad. Ray picked the clam chowder and I picked the spinach salad. The waiter came and said sorry, but the chef’s order of spinach didn’t come it that day, ahh shucks, I said the house salad would be fine. Ray loved his chowder, and my salad was good, it had fresh baby field greens, dried figs, pistachios, a light vinaigrette dressing and a huge pile of red onions. I normally like red onion, but for me this was over kill on onion, I ended up not eating most of them. 2nd course was a Palate cleanser. It was a berry sorbet served on a spoon, yummy!! Here’s some information I found about it. When the waiter served it Ray asked me why are they serving this before our entrée? So I explained the reason for it..:)

Palate cleansers, by nature, are used in the middle of a meal to remove lingering flavors from the mouth so that the next course may be enjoyed with a fresh perspective. The French also use them as an all-important digestive, to avoid heartburn, indigestion, and to stimulate the appetite.

There is not much written instruction on the art of palate cleansing during a sumptuous, multi-course French meal. It has become something of a prized tradition, passed from generation to generation in the local enclaves of France. Each region has a special ingredient, usually a locally produced product that the locals swear by.

For our 3rd course we chose the rack of lamb and it was delicious! It was seared to medium rare for me and medium well for Ray. I love lamb served medium rare, it has a much better flavor to me served that way. The lamb came with roasted potatoes. They were a mix of white and purple potatoes.

Ok I have to insert a funny story here about purple potatoes! My parents are wonderful gardeners and they grow all kinds of fresh produce. One year we my mom decide to grow purple potatoes! They are really good and they taste just like a white potatoes. We had a home health client that lived with us and my mom decided to cook up some of the purple potatoes for dinner. We all loved them expect our client, he refused to eat them. It was a mystery to us, he normally ate potatoes! So we asked him didn’t you like the potatoes? He said no they were burnt! We laughed and said no they were not burned that’s just the color of them! LOL! Purple potatoes get darker when they are roasted so I can see why he thought they were burnt. After that day he ate them! 🙂

Ok back to our dinner, we also had asparagus, broccolini, and a flat crispbread, it tasted like parmesan cheese and herbs, it was all fantastic! Our final course was dessert, and the waiter wheals up this huge towering display of desserts with wine choices. The waiter starts to explain each dessert and they were all made with berries of different kinds. It had at least 6 different choices one was a berry bomb cake with a chocolate shell, another was a berry chocolate cake, a berry parfait, a berry tiramisu, berry creme brulee. I can’t remember the others, I wish I had taken a picture of it! Ray chose the tiramisu, and I chose the berry creme brulee, and we could only eat half of our desserts. With all the other food, by then we were full! I think the waiter was surprised we only ate half! They both were fantastic! It was a meal we won’t forget!   

Thank you honey for a great Anniversary, it’s one I will not forget!! 🙂

Amanda 🙂

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