Just Me Again…

18 Sep

Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry I have been MIA all week, I do have good reasons for not posting!! I have been very sick all week and my Dr. still isn’t sure what I have. It started last weakened, with flu like symptoms, 103.8 degree fevers, and no appetite at all.. Went to my Dr. on Wednesday and her medical nurse put in an IV in my arm and in a very bad place. I could not move my right arm at all. Later that night I was in so much pain, that my husband rushed me to the ER. They ran a lot of tests, but of course they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.. They pulled both IVs, the one the nurse put in and the one they put in my arm, I was happy they did to! My Drs nurse was mad that they pulled the IV. We went back to see her on Thursday to follow-up, and the darn nurse tried to put the IV right back in the same place, I started crying and told him to take it out, it hurt like crazy!! I won’t let him touch me again, he even poked my arm 3 times in the same place and still could not get an IV!! I was mad at him! Thursday night I ran the highest fever I had all week, 103.8, I felt terrible.. About 12am I woke up sweating and the fever starting going down! Thank you Lord!! Otherwise we would have had to back to the ER. I am on a higher dose of steroids again, and fevers are not good with steroids at all!!! I felt better on Friday, enough to drive myself to the infusion clinic to get another liter of fluids, by IV again. Those people are fantastic! I was able to lay on a bed and over 3 hours get the fluid by IV. The nurse could tell my right arm had been through enough and found a great vein in my left arm. I have felt better all weakened.. My Dr thinks its my adrenal glands that are the problem this time.. Right now I am on 20ml of steroids a day, until I see her again. Hopefully I will feel like posting more this week. I haven’t even been cooking, my hubby has been doing most of that.. I will try to keep you all posted.. Thank you to everyone who has been praying and wishing me well!!

Amanda 🙂

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