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Cake or pie?

Hello Everyone,

Cake or pie? What is your favorite? That’s a hard question for me to answer… While I LOVE baking and giving away cakes. I much prefer to eat pie, fruit pie mostly. Most of my family prefer pie, my hubby LOVES lemon meringue pie and I like to make it for him on his Birthday. I make it for grandma’s Birthday sometimes, and when I make it for just a family dinner, Ray says can’t we leave it at home? Many years ago when we all lived at my grandparents ranch up Fourth of July Creek, (yes it was really called that) they had a crab-apple tree in the backyard. Now crab-apples are a bit different, they are more sour like a granny smith, but light red in color. We picked a lot of apples off that tree. I also made a lot of what was called an apple pie pastry. It was from a Taste of Home magazine. It was like an apple pie bar drizzled with icing. My family loved this. I would make a 9×13 pan every day and my family would eat it all up that day! I lost that recipe some time ago, but after going through some boxes I found it! So cake or pie? What if is my favorite? That’s really hard to decide, but this apple pie/bar pastry would have to be my favorite. I will look for the recipe and try to post it tomorrow. It’s one recipe that I really missed when I couldn’t find it. It would be perfect for a Halloween party, your Thanksgiving table, or Christmas plates, to give away to family or friend’s, if you don’t end up eating them all yourself! HEHE!!

Well better go for now and look for that recipe!

Amanda 🙂

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