Have you started making plans for the upcoming holiday season?

23 Nov

Silly question I know for most people, lol!! Most people I know are already planning big gatherings and dinners. Ray and I are just planning on moving over Thanksgiving weekend, and then some! I have spent 2 nights in our new home, rotating between the couch and the floor to sleep. Our pets are starting to adjust living here, Casper wants to look and sniff everywhere, not to mention pee on everything outside. He is a male after all, marking territory, isn’t that what men do?? LOL!! Chester after sniffing around the house yesterday decided at was all good and then went to sleep, he’s our mellow yellow kitty! Minnie on the other hand, has been? Well a handful, to say the least. I took her to the vet to get her updated on her shots and asked for the sedative. They cut the pills up into quarters so I could start with giving her small doses, at first. One quarter pill didn’t affect her at all, so I upped it, to a half a pill for the 30 minute drive to the house. Didn’t work.. She howled all the way over… And for the last 2 days she has been howling as early as 4am! This morning it was 5am.. UGGG!!! I stayed up with her this morning since I had a 8am doctor appointment. When I returned to the house, I fed them as usual and then Minnie started howling again.. I needed some sleep, so I gave her three-quarters of a pill, she really needed to settle down. I think I’ll call the pills her happy pills, because all she wanted to do was follow me around purring at full volume! Plus she was walking around like she was drunk.. Now she is napping with Chester. I know some of you might think it was mean to dope her up like that, but I was afraid she would have a panic attack. She’s only known the other house we lived in. This is Casper and Chester’s 3rd move so they are doing well with the change. I just knew Minnie was going to be handful and I was right.. You see she’s a lot like my mom’s cat Rascal. Rascal was gentil, loving, and scared of people she didn’t know, like Minnie is. After my mom and her husband moved to the house they live in now, my mom found Rascal dead on the steps of her house.. The vet said she died of a heart attack, yes pets have heart attacks as well. That’s what I have feared with Minnie, hence the reason for the happy pills.. I am going to have to give her more Saturday when the movers come with the rest of our furniture, I hate giving them to her, but right now it’s better for her to stay calm…

As for my doctor’s appointment, she is going to have me try injecting the methotrexate instead of taking the pills, she said it would absorb better into my bloodstream, and hopefully work better for me. Living in our new home, is sure a lot closer to all my doctors, and I love not having to drive so far.. And Ray can be home a lot sooner from work!! YEAH!!!!

Well I better go, I have more unpacking to do… I have a feeling I’ll be unpacking until JUNE!! 🙂

Amanda 🙂

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