Cucina di Paolo Restaurant in Boise

23 Dec

Cucina di Paolo

Hello Everyone,

Posted above is the link to there website!

This little restaurants/deli is fantastic! When Ray and I went to the Culinary Walk-A-About in August, Ray won an auction basket that had a gift card from this place. We haven’t had a chance to get anything from them until now. Since were moving and I haven’t been feeling like cooking we decided to use the gift card and get several of their items for this Christmas weekend. It was a little hard to find but, I had never been their before, so now I know where to find it! They have been a word of mouth business for over 18 years, as there website explains, I’ll post think link below.

We decided to buy the 6-piece chicken and spinach lasagna, it’s $19.00. Plus for $1.00 extra each you can have extra veggies added, so I had them add mushrooms and artichokes. It was fantastic! Not to spicy, with lots of fresh veggies. It tasted great!! I would love to try some of there other lasagna’s!

I also bought 2 individual chicken pot pies, they are $5.00 a piece. You can also get a family style casserole for $25.00. The pot pies are great! Ray like’s to get the Marie Calendars pot pies and they always make me sick so I never eat them. I wasn’t sure about this place for the same reason, but it hasn’t bothered me at all! Is was packed with lost of fresh chicken and veggies, and had a very light cream sauce. Delicious!! We also bought a quart size container of clam chowder, but haven’t tried it yet, we will tomorrow. The piece of lasagna and pot pie really filled us up! So if you’re in the Boise area stop on by! They have a wide variety of delicious Italian items to try! The desserts looked great! maybe next time we’ll try something. They do have a counter to sit plus a couple of small tables. Looks like most of their business is to order take and bake.

Until next time..

Amanda 🙂

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