What does wealth mean to you?

25 Dec

Hello Everyone,

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers!!! I pray the Lord to heap blessing on all of you this Christmas day!!

I thought this was the perfect topic to write about today, since Christmas is the day of giving and receiving gifts. I think the Greatest gift we have been given is the gift of Life that Jesus gave us by being born this day. Wealth to me isn’t how big your house is or how fancy your car is, it’s about generosity. You can save money all your life and think you’re a wealthy person, but unless you have Jesus in your heart and life you are a poor person. When death takes you, you can’t take your money or possessions with you, from dust you were formed and to dust you will return. I see people who think it’s about money and how much they can show off with it, and I pity them. As the Bible says it’s easier for a camel to fit in the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Heaven. Christmas has become so commercialized that the true meaning has been lost by so many people.

I know I have been talking about our new home and all new things we have been buying for us and the home lately and I wasn’t doing it show off, I am just so excited to have space and room now to have people over. Ray and I for 8 years lived in a 1 bedroom 1 bath, very small house. When we first moved there we fought a lot. We didn’t really know each other at all, and living in such a small house, helps you to realize what’s really important and what’s not. The first 2 years of our life we live in a home that belonged to my parents, we paid the rent and other bills ect. That house had 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. The house was about 3,000 square feet. I took care of a home health client (he was a quadriplegic) that lived with us, plus Ray did computer consulting. Some thing’s happened and Ray and I decided we needed to move. That move was really hard on us and with people fighting, it was sad… Over the years I have had a lot of complicated relationships with a lot of my family members, I wish it wasn’t that way, but I guess thing’s happen you just can’t stop. So the question I am asking what does wealth mean to you? Is it your kids, family, your house, money? If you have children you should consider yourself wealthy already. A lot people like myself, can’t have children, you all know my health problems ect.. Wealth isn’t how big your house is or what kind of car you drive, or fancy clothes, or jewelry..

Wealth is about a child that was born over 2,000 years ago on this day to give us life! I thank you Jesus Christ for the wealthy gift of live everlasting, without you we would be lost..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Amanda 🙂

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