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This and That

Hello all,

I have been avoiding this blog for a while, most of the summer anyways. First just haven’t felt like writing and I was avoiding it for other reasons. We had a lot of fun with both of the fairs this summer and just still unpacking stuff… Seems like an endless project! I am loving our new home!!! We had a huge party for my grandpa’s 80th Birthday. Had about 50 people at the party. I met a lot of cousins I have never met before, so that was really great! I made my grandpa an active volcano cake. It took a lot of work and thinking about how to make it come together. But we manged the best we could with what cake pans I have unpacked so far… I have been doing a lot of volunteer time with the U of I food safety program these past 2 months and have had a lot of great questions! I love talking and helping people with their food questions! I haven’t been to active with Community Cakes. Seems like they have a lot more bakers that take all the cakes, which is fine with me. My health is declining anyway and I am not sure how much more I can do. On Oct. 4th I am having back surgery, and I am scared to death! I have to be off my sarcoid meds for 3 weeks and that scares me too, I don’t want to relapse.. After surgery I can not lift, bend or twist for 6 weeks, and I am not happy about this. I have never had to stay down this long. The only thing I am looking forward in Oct. to is being able to pass out Halloween candy this year. We haven’t been able to for so long, because of where we lived before. I do have a lot of thing’s on my mind, very stressful thing’s about my family, but I can’t write it here. Whenever I do write about it seems like they always get upset with me. I am not trying to hurt them, I just need to vent sometimes… This has turned out to be not the best place for that… The only thing I will add is that my brother and I are still not talking. We saw each other at grandpa’s party but avoided each other. I will say that I do love my brother very much and am sorry for the way things are between us. It grieves my heart and seems like this will never end. I pray for all of them, since that’s all I can do. So many bad thing’s happened between us that I don’t think we can ever really mend anything. This whole mess just makes it hard on the kids and I love them so very much… I feel misunderstood and letdown by all this… If Dave or anyone else reads this just know that I am sorry and I forgive you… I hope someday Dave you will understand… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to write so much about this..I long for heaven…. Love ya all… Mandy…

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