My AMAZING Bucket List Adventure Trip!!!

15 Jun

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write about my AMAZING bucket list adventure and WOW what an adventure it was! We left on June 2nd and our first stop was Salt Lake City and it was just a stop over. 2nd stop was in Mesa, Arizona. I wanted to visit Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. My family lived and worked there in the early 90’s. They have done some amazing rebuilding there! I was really surprised on how different and beautiful it is now. We got a tour from Carol the founders daughter. It was 105 degree’s that day and Arizona was just as beautiful and HOT as I remember it! Our 3rd stop was in San Diego for 4 days. I want to thank Wish Granters of Idaho for setting up our stay in San Diego! The hotel was beautiful, It was called Doubletree by Hilton. They had a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pit and they fed us breakfast everyday! The staff was so nice and caring! Our first place to visit in San Diego was the Safari Zoo, and it was amazing to see all the animals as you would see them in Africa! We rode a tram all the way around and our guide was GREAT! The next day we went to Sea World, and oh how I LOVED it there! Our first ride was on the Atlantis and we got soaking wet, but I didn’t care! We went to every exhibit we could get to, and ride! We sat in the soak zone to see Shamu and boy did we get soaked! Lol, but again I didn’t care! I still can’t believe I walked all through that place! It was a great day! Our 3rd day I didn’t go anywhere. I guess I wore myself down at Sea World! We were going to visit the San Diego Zoo, but I just could not make it.. 😦 So Ray, mom and Bill went and toured a ship called the Midway Museum. Our 4th stop was in Los Angeles. We first went to Hollywood and visited the Hollywood Wax Museum, and it was cool! And Ripley’s Believe It Or Not was across the street and that place was cool too! The next day all we did was get ready for the biggest night of our trip. We went to Spago’s in Beverly Hills! I have always wanted to visit and eat there. I have admired and followed Chef Wolfgang Puck for years. I was so nervous there, and I don’t know why? Just such a fancy place that we are not used to. But the servers were so nice and the food was AMAZING! They started us with a bread bowl with 3 different kinds of delicious bread! One was called Lavash flatbread, the other was a crusty Italian bread, and the 3rd was a soft dinner roll with black sesame seeds and that one was my favorite! They had butter on the table in the shape of  pyramid’s and round’s, it tasted really good! They made us what is called Amuse Bouche, the first plate had Sushi and the 2nd was a baked oyster in the shell and what a taste sensation they were! My starter course was a ½ oz Osetra Caviar, Sour Cream, Egg Yolk “Jam,” Egg White “Caviar,” Lemon-Herb Blinis, and I LOVED it! My dinner was Black Bass, Crispy Scale, Littleneck Clams, Herb Coulis, Garlic Purée, and it was fabulous! My dinner was a little late so the chef made a little plate of pasta and it just melted in my mouth! I wish I could remember what it was called! I was dying to take picture’s of all the food, but I didn’t think they would like that? Maybe? Everyone else had different entree’s and they loved them! And my aunt and mom had pre-ordered a cake for my birthday, it was a strawberry shortcake and it was mouthwatering delicious! The server sang Happy Birthday to me and I wanted to cry! We had the BEST server! And to top of the evening Chef Wolfgang and his son Alex came to our table and talked with us! He is so friendly and nice! He even gave me the cake, we didn’t pay for it! It was worth $150! It was an amazing night! I will remember every taste forever! Our next stop was in Pismo Beach and Ray and I went to a sea food place, and we loved it! Even through it took us 1-1/2 hours to pick all the crab meat out of the shells! It was really good! Now by this time I was getting really tired and I wanted to see the Redwoods, but I knew I was done. So we headed home, with a little side trip to San Francisco, and I hate to say this but we HATED it there! The traffic, noise, and people were so rude! That is one city I will never visit again! We got home about 10pm on June 14th. This was the longest trip and the best trip I have ever been on! I want to thank my mom, step-dad, Ray, my aunt Gayle, Wish Granters, and all of the other people that made this trip happen! You all are AMAZING people! I also want to say thank you to my beautiful niece Jacquelyn! I loved spending time with you and getting to know you better! You are a precious young lady Jacquelyn, and we love you so much! And if I missed anyone I am sorry, I am so tired today! Again thank you so much everyone!

Mandy…. 🙂

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