29 Jun

Hello everyone,

Yes I said WAKE UP SLEEPING CHRISTIAN”S!!!  No longer should you just go to church and be a bench-warmer, a bench-warmer is a sleeping Christian!!! When you go to church do you listen to the WORD OF THE LORD preached from the HOLY BIBLE? Or do you just sleep and think about thing’s you want to do after church? Pastor’s do you preach the WORD OF THE LIVING GOD? AND ONLY FROM THE HOLY BIBLE? People there is only one way to Heaven and that is through a relationship with JESUS CHRIST! Who was born from a virgin and lived a sinless life and was scourged and beaten until his bones could be seen! Did you know the Romans used special whips that had rocks, glass, and metal’s tied to the ends so that when Jesus was given 30 lashes HE was bleeding to death even before HE had spikes driven through HIS hands and feet and HE hung on that cross for YOU! HE died a horrible death, and raised up from death on the 3rd day so that you could have ETERNAL LIFE with HIM in Heaven! Every time I think about, see or read what HE did I cry out LORD WHY? We are not worthy of what you did for us! We rage at you, hate you, live in sin, we commit adultery, we commit fornication, lie, cheat, steal, covet what others have, commit murder, gamble our money away, have children out of wedlock, have abortions-which is murder of an innocent baby and in this country alone there have been 55 million abortions since it became legal, we condone and even glorify the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle, we take drugs, drink to excess, smoke, over-eat, exercise and glorify in our own flesh and become and make our bodies an idol to ourselves! People turn to false gods, and religion’s! Even with all this sin JESUS still love’s us and longs for us to come home to HIM! YOU even have a song you sing for each and every person living in this sin filled world! Oh Abba Father we are so unworthy of YOUR LOVE!!! Yet you still long for us! Father please forgive my hate, my anger, my frustrations I have against you! LORD JESUS, please forgive me… I have failed you Lord in so many ways! Yet I long to be with you LORD JESUS! I long for a deeper relationship with you! JESUS you are my SAVIOR, my friend, my constant companion! When I cry out in pain you carry me through it! I LOVE you with all that I have LORD JESUS!

My friends I know this a very different post than what you are used to reading from me. This post is my heart’s cry for myself, my husband Ray, a very special family member, my other family member’s, and all the people in this world I know and those I don’t know. As I know that my physical death is coming soon, I know I go to a better place. Where I will no longer be in pain, or cry. I long to worship and bow before my SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!!



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