Opening Day of the Canyon County Fair!

30 Jul

Hello everyone,

Wow what a busy day we had for the first day of the fair!!! My area had a lot of people come through, and commenting on all the entries. A lot of people kept saying that this one cake that we gave 4th place to should have gotten 1st place, and saying the judges didn’t know what they were doing. Well I was one of the judges this year and I know good work on a cake when I see it. This cake was a 3-tier square with white rolled fondant,black scroll work, had a wire kinda topper with jewels, and had some black and red flowers that were rolled fondant and cut with a cookie cutter. The person had put a wide black ribbon border on the bottom of each tier. The cake was a beautiful cake, but she didn’t make all the items on the cake. The more items you make like ribbons, toppers ect.. the higher you will place. We gave 1st to a cake that was the most adorable cake I have ever seen and had the most incredible details on the people and animals. This lady has entered 3 cakes and they all were given 1st place ribbons. We didn’t give them a champion ribbon simply because we decided to go with a senior that had made the best dinner rolls both of us had ever tasted, they were better than mine, and I’m a good baker!!! I have been baking bread since I was 11 years old!!! They were shaped really well and just had the most wonderful buttery taste to them!! I will have to see if she will give me her recipe!!! I would like to make a fair cookbook and get recipes from all the people who have placed 1st, 2nd and 3 place, plus champions I would like to raise money to get a bigger refrigerated display case, I’ll have to talk to my supervisor about it… It sounds like a big project, but I know it would be fun!!!

Well I better go I’m falling asleep at my computer!! LOL!!!

Until tomorrow everyone goodnight!!


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